Quotes from the 4 Agreements

The Four Agreements is a best-selling book by author Don Miguel Ruiz that outlines four simple principles for living a happier and more fulfilling life. The book has become a sensation and has been praised for its practical and straightforward advice. Here are some of the most popular quotes from the Four Agreements:

1. « Be impeccable with your word. »

One of the key principles of the Four Agreements is the importance of honesty and integrity. Being impeccable with your word means speaking with integrity and only saying things that you truly mean. It also means avoiding gossip, lies, and other harmful speech that can hurt others.

2. « Don`t take anything personally. »

Another important aspect of the Four Agreements is the idea that we should try not to take things too personally. This means not letting other people`s words or actions affect us too much. Instead, we should try to stay centered and remember that everyone is dealing with their own issues.

3. « Don`t make assumptions. »

Assuming things about other people can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. The third principle of the Four Agreements encourages us to be more mindful of our assumptions and to communicate openly and honestly with others. By doing so, we can reduce the chances of misunderstandings and build better relationships.

4. « Always do your best. »

Finally, the Four Agreements encourages us to always do our best, no matter what we`re doing. Whether it`s working on a project at work or spending time with loved ones, we should strive to be present and give our all. By doing so, we can feel more fulfilled and live a more meaningful life.

In conclusion, the Four Agreements offers some powerful insights into how we can lead happier and more fulfilling lives. By being impeccable with our word, not taking things personally, avoiding assumptions, and always doing our best, we can improve our relationships, our work, and our overall well-being.